16 comments on “A Basic Neurorobotics Platform Using the Neurosky Mindwave

  1. Hi, can you pls say how to find MAC adress of a mindwave mobile? Its not on the sticker.
    I have a doubt,can i use the same code of mindset given on neurosky site to interface mindwave mobile with arduino uno?
    Pls help.
    (i have bluesmirf,UNO,and mindwave mobile)

  2. Pls notify me via email or if posible pls give ur personal ID. I am from india and now working with a college project

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    • Hi,

      It might be possible but as the robot will be used for a few university demonstrations I’ll need to check with them first as it may be that they want it to be closed for now!


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  6. Hello, Im also working on an applications in Labview but using the Neurosky Mindwave headset. I have some troubles to get the Raw EEG values to Labview. Can you please share the code how did you set up your headset to get those data into Labview? Im interested only in Raw EEG. I would much appreciate your help and feedback. Thank you. Email: sfaxonluverz@gmail.com

  7. hello I’m a french student in engineering sciences (so sorry for my poor english…) it’s incredible! I have the Neurosky hardware and work about that. how have you coding blink on arduino please?

  8. hi , i have a final year project in controlling a wheeled chair with an eeg sensor , first do you recommend mindset as an eeg sensor ?? and in your project did u connect it directly to the arduino without any pc in between ?? is the interfcae software between them should be bought with the sensor ?

  9. what are you thinking to move forward,backward,left,right,, also how to clasify each, what algo did you use (i.e. Hidden Markov Model, Artificial neural network, Gaussian mixture model etc., what did you use, MVAR,AR,PCA
    also correct me if i am wrong

    blink,think of moving to the left,blink, execute move to the left, Attention>Threshold, Move?

    how long do i need to think of moving to the left to execute it?
    how long does it take to turn in a certain direction?
    thanks in advance

  10. you have some hint how to read out the eye blink moment from mindsky?
    I use the mindwawe rf and also was including the 0x16 in my arduino code, but dont detect some eye blink … 😦

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